Like A Caged Bird


Like pretty bird,

trapped and lonely, in a cage. 

Trapped and deprived of 


Not allowed to see

what the world has to offer.


Weakly rattling its cage's bars,

while no one listens.

Screaming, crying out, begging

with its sad songs.

They all turn the other cheek.

Ignored and isolated.


Sad songs sung that reach ears,

but not hearts.


The trapped lonely songbird

covered with a black sheet,

so noone will see it.

So noone will know it.

So noone will feel responsible

for leaving it so hopelessly alone.


Its only comfort:

the cold metal bars

and warm yellow hope, 

they attempted to smother 

with the black sheet.


Hope can be taken out of captured bodies,

but not out of free hearts.

You can't shake the hope out of free souls.


So, sing hopeful songbird.

One day,

an angel will listen.

Will open the cage.

Will once and for all,

set you free.


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