Caged Bird


Chance and chance again,

I call upon a question where I knew a friend,

Before the trials and tribulations began,

We had no end,


You were there through thick and thin,

High and low,

Where you go I ,

So long so forth through,

I knew you were solid as stone my home,

 Your home,

Your home mine,

When the seasons changed and father time put rain in our forecast,

Waters got high,

You despised the grey cloud that lay over us,

Instead of searching for refuge,

You chose to refuse and abort us,


Long term usurpations came in destroyed a nation,

 When the storm clouds settled and dust lay over,

You chose not to sweep up our town,

But go around and find serenity in her tune,

Leaving the song you’ve always known to build a new home,



Set the caged bird free,


Let it tweet and chirp,


And tweet freely,


No chains,


Burdened down like the heart of disparity,

Never did I think my best friend would abandon me,

I guess it’s time to set the caged bird free


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