Cabin in the woods

You want a homemade boat? we can cruise on soundwaves
Good vibes are limited when you misbehave
Jumping in the pool it's our homemade wet n' wild
Look out onto Rollin hills while we smiled
Memories memories such a beautiful past
Stories untold while we replace the stain glass
Ya we got church then we got the steeple
But the church ain't the building, the church is the people
And are parallel lines really equal?
While we striving and striving to push for our goal
We shoving other people out the way into the hole
Driving and driving and tryna skip all the tolls
But you can't go nowhere nowadays without a price
Life ain't always smelling good, we ain't based on old spice
I wish I said it twice
So it's what I endorse
But I ain't propaganda I ain't even tryna use the force
You gonna choke if u keep up with them green overs
Tryna stand out you never got in your head we're all 4 leaf clovers
But listen it ain't game over you don't need another quarter
Just stop being the substance and start being the mortar
Ashes and ashes we fall from time to time
Holding hands together while we fall into something fine
Because everything happens for a Reason We just ain't know it
And you only got one life so you don't need to blow it
You reap what u sewing
And you stay on the low end
But the end of the stick is something that ain't growin
And like ur grandma's vase you don't wanna be broken
Laying in ur bed of lies you continue to soak in
Occupance occupance needin something to do
Don't believe the apple when you still catchin' the flu
Because I can smell a liar from a mile away
And to live a good life you jus a smile away

And with life's obstacles u gotta be versatile
And except what happens don't ever be in denial
Ooh child there's so much to tell
To the next generation
I'd prolly start it off with something about patience
You know, Something cliché, something we'd say
Record my voice and put it on replay
Because they won't listen the first time
And they would reverse lines
Switch words around to what they wanna hear
Then turn around and say what we said was unclear
May wanna listen to what I'm bout to say my dear
That dependence can become addiction if it's rooted out of fear
Meaning when scared you automatically search what u need
Then it establishes a breathing growth inside of you like a weed
And drinking life's problems away don't keep the moon shining
It's the son of God and ur days will keep declining
Record signing, record deals
But u still ain't satisfied with the way that you feel, foreal
Distinctive gifts, efficient character traits
The poor that's on time only made the merrier late
And u still put a like next to the things u hate
While they are the hook and ur treated just like the bait
Society grabbed u like a baseball bat
And pulled a babe Ruth on you and pointed to where they want u at
What a world of cruelty and paper chasin
They say God's dried up but the dead is what he is raisin

They say God's dried up that he ain't raisin the dead
Things left in a cabin in the woods things left unsaid

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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