Bye mom, Hi mom

The silent conversations muffled by the wall, 
I have been in this situation before, 
I can tell this won't end well.

Why can't you leave--
leave me alone. 
Stop bothering
              My Family.
We can make it on our own.

It has been so long,
without a phone call or text
So why can't you just leave,
Don't Bother Me Again.

I wish upon a star,
with no hope in the end
Dreams don't come true 
          By Sleeping In.

You gave yourself a title,
you gave me a life
Yet you took my freedom 
when you wanted a 
            New Life. 
Gone with the kids
Gone with the responsibilities.
Late night at bars,
men you planned on me--
calling daddy.

So that's what I did,
I called my dad
a phone call--
not an hour long.
But long enough to prove we were both wrong.

Broken Frames,
Shattered Dreams,
Burnt homes,
and suddenly--
      I Feel Lonely.

This poem is about: 
My family


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