the buzz of her buzz.

i may never know your trend of thought, 
i may never know why it was you i sought, 
forget the buzzing bee inside my head, what i ought. 
why do things so bad feel so good? 
i guess i’d better handle what i should; 
nevertheless, why do bad things feel so good? 

this is déjà vu, all over again, 
looking back at all the places i’ve been 
with or without you, it’s been an emotional 
rollercoaster; why only now, you’re approachable 
and easy to talk to. it was never like this before, 
i’m just saying everything that i’ve said before 
with or without you, now i see 
how you my friend have got the best of me. 
all the times that i was “infatuated”, with my 
parents scolding me for not “concentrating”, and my 
friends thinking i was just, who knows how “-ated”, but my 
heart tells me to just “prioritize”, with my 
eyes coaxing me to keep them on the prize, and my 
feet urging me “glide with the skies”, but my 
head is being punished, body so indecisive; 
my mind’s just buzzing like the doorbell at Tyson’s. 

funny how life complex-ly plays out, and how 
any which way growing pains cause you frowns, and the 
pressure of life in general causing many scowls, while my 
diverted attention causes everyone to wow. sorry, but 
it was the last jewel i had ever considered, meaning how i 
noticed your presence as a top-notch winner, after all the 
former and latter were never looked upon, with my 
present and future i had smiled upon; on 1 to 10, such a 15  
from character to appearance, i need God to intervene 
because i have a one-track mind and i wrote out apologies, 
but i’m just being honest, don’t change the scene 
on me, it’s gonna hurt me, only thee is how i 
go about nowadays, who was your faraday? 
what could i say? no pressure, i promise. 
no need to worry about a future accomplice, 
it’s just a feeling that i have in mind while the buzz keeps 
everyone harder to find out… ye-ouchh… 

- [nel.ito]


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