Buying Time

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 10:24 -- Lewy9

We’re up before the dawn yawns
And dressed before the sky sighs,
Chirping phones like birds in early morn.

Take ten minutes to fly by,
Grab food before the car starts-
Save time by eating on the way to work.

Thirty minutes to downtown
In traffic where we scowl, growl
At mirrors of ourselves in crawling cars.

Now it’s a race to the last parking spot
So we get to the building at 9 on the dot
But forget that the elevator is no-go
And we scale the bare stairs with a newly-stubbed toe
‘Til the forty-fourth floor fin’ly comes into view
With the minute hand wavering over the two
So we’re late, yes we’re late, there was no other way
To get up to the office on time here today
No, don’t start please just shut up and sit down and work
On a project we hate for a pompous-ass jerk.

Spend hours on the bore: four,
Spend seconds breathing free: three:
A busy bee that functions for the hive.

Once the clock has chimed, time
Is ours to kill or keep- sleep
Of course is number one upon our list.

But miles are left to go, though
In distance, time, and more, ‘fore
We lose the precious minutes of the day.

Knowing soon our time is flown
We hope to hoard that time we own
And steal from others to survive
Buying time to waste on useless lives.
Three billion beats we have to use,
Our heartbeats iambs we can lose-
The words that write our little tale
Must not falter, fumble, freeze, or fail.
Such treasure is each second found!
We must take care to share their sound:
For what’s the use of time to spend
Buying time to waste before the end ?


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