Butterfly Wings

463 names written on the library walls older than 

you and all you have to 

offer the world is a low GPA and an even lower self-depricating mind?

What a way to exist, my dear

always waiting on people to change their pretty little minds on you? 

No, a school worth having will look at your torn face teared face and

make you feel like you are needed.

A butterfly isn't capable of seeing it's unique patterns and vibrant colors

and you wanted to change that, to prove that dreams don't mean what

rank you are in school but

they tore off it's wings instead and put them in their damp palms

closing their fists around yet another beautiful thing

Doesn't it eat you up inside, darling?

How they want you to prove them wrong but they 

won't actually let you stand up.

Stand up anyway.


Elisabeth Darling

In my school library, there are the names of high school kids who earned the merit scholarships. Some kids feel like if they don't get the Merit and get straight A's, they won't get into their dream school. "If you don't have a 4.0, why even apply there?" The stress on today's high school students is distressing.

At my school, we are a little luckier. There are many teachers that work to help the students stress less. But nationwide, we still have cases of students commiting suicide for being intensively verbally or physically bullied, not getting into schools, and etc. I hope that this helps someone, somewhere that they shouldn't fall victim to the college process. A college that is worth going to will read your entire application, NOT just look at your GPA and SAT/ACT scores. 

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