Burning Questions


How do I know if you're really there?

How do I really know what to believe?

Or am I just locked in a room for hours

Reciting from memory some half rememberd creed?

This life I have known

From my birth until now

Yet now in the day that I have my doubt

Do you still expect me to kneel and bow?

I don't want your ideas

To be shoved down my throat

I don't want your lies

To be keeping me afloat

How can man save me

When man doesn't know

What really soars above

Or what's really down below

But go ahead and tell me

O man who knoweth all

If I stumble along the way

How far down will I fall?

I want to know truth

But I won't hear it from you

Because you'll only tell me to change

But that's one thing I'll never do


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