Burn Me

I step, breathe, repeat

Cracks, sparks, heat

The fluidity of my steps become unassertive, unsure.

I look to my fate

What I have earned for my actions

The costriction round my body tightens

I'm now in place

Staring down at those who have taken my life in their hands.

The condemnation exuding from their glares.

My life in the hands of those so easily biased.

So easily convinced of my guilt.

I am ignited

The glint of death shining in their eyes as they stare at my pyre.

Watching me burn for my mistakes.

If only they knew they were destroying just a carcass.

My mind, my soul, belongng to no one but me.

But they needn't worry,

For no one tears me apart for my mistakes more than I.

I am empty, my soul departing from no ones torture but my own.


For none of you burden yourselves with the constant guilt like I...

This poem is about: 
Our world


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