I see her get picked on everyday.

I do nothing to stop them.

I'm too scared to stand up

to the bullies who ones bullied me.

They called me every name in he book.

They said I was ruining my life.

Now, they made fun of her body.

But little do they know,

She doesn't eat anymore.

She cries every night,

wishing it would end.

The next day, she stays home.

A week goes by.

I stopped by her house.

I heard the shower,

and her tears.

I walk inside; into the bathroom.

I see blades;

blood on the floor.

Sh's lost in her own pain.

I hold her close as her mom busted through the door.

She alredy had the pill bottle opened,

Ready for it all to end.

I'm hearbroken,

to see someone in my shoes.

She is where I was a year ago.

I don't know what to tell her.

She won't believe anything I say.

I never did.

I told her

"Things wil get better,

It just takes time."

"I was bullied by the same people."

But I now wonder,

How did I get over it?

I cut everyday

Till my arm was numb.

I just covered up my scars

and the pain with a fake smile.






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My community
Our world
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