Life is filled with pain

Life is filled with sorrows

Bottled up anger

As it goes deeper and deeper

It's too much to keep

Tears shed everyday

All the nasty commemnts i hear

All the rumors soon become my worst fear. The words


taking my reputation throwing it on the floor

So i cut deeper and deeper hitting a vain

looking for something to cover up my pain

Body filled with scars i make everyday, each one i deserve, Each showing how much i'm hurt

People constantly talk. I hate that you believe every rumor is true

I hate knowing myself it's true

It hurt, words i deal with everyday hurts

And if i could change...

I don't even know how

I probably just need help

you should know bullying hurts

Going through a tough break up

Wanting him back

Dealing with love

Knowing he treats me wrong

It's one thing for people to talk about but it's another thing to have my own ex talk too.

Dealing with teenage situations on top of bulling can be stressful i just wnna let go

Dealing with words like THOT everyday

Coming to school to have a reputation i put on myself isn't pleasant

Me trying to fix everything isn't helping

National Thot Day to tell the truth it hurts

And it's all my fault

Things i can't take back

To wake up knowing your face on FB with Thot attatch

And there's nothing you can do about it but turn your back

Day by day torment

There's just so much a person can take,

Everyday I wake up filled with regret

All i want is them to forget

You should hear the words that they say

It just makes me want to fade away

But it's only carma coming back on me

What 've done to others is being done to me

I'm sorry

I guess I just got caught up in the moment

Moments that i can't take away

Moments of love, moments of break ups, moments of hurt, moments after moment

And in the future none of it will matter

But right now my worse moment ever is Thot Moment

Enough is enough i know  i did it to muself I know i need help

everyone's comments

Everyone's dirty looks

I hate them so much !

And i just want to release all of my stress


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