If there were a way

to take away the pain

that people suffer from everyday

I would, because it’s not okay.


They’re hurt, picked on and belittled.

The bullies just go on and giggle.


“It’s so unfair, it’s so cruel”, they say.

But some people just see it happen and pray.

And wonder when bullying will go away.

But if they don’t help, it just adds another day.


These people need help and a hero.

So make a difference in their ego.


Can’t you see the pain in their eyes,

full with sadness and despise.

When someone hurts them, something inside them dies.


Yet, no one seems to realize that these bullies are pulling them apart

engraving permanent damage in their heart.

So be the one to offer them a new start.



Just like me, just like you we have problems I agree,

so why not help someone who doesn’t feel like they’re free.


We may struggle; I see what you say,

but there are bullies who don’t follow the rules and disobey.

They go around everyday


Yes, they hurt them yesterday and today.

They just never seem to delay.

These poor people just want to get away.

So help them breakaway from people that just convey

this terror they display.


Our problems are different, we’re still here.

Some of them are said to disappear.


Don’t you just stand around and say you will try,

because I know you’ve seen them cry.


So be the bigger person and help those who need you.

Help someone’s dream come true.

Because they are humans and have the right to dream and pursue,

like everyone too.


So if there were one thing I’d love to decay,

it’d be this pain that almost took my sister away.

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