Bullet to the Head


United States
40° 37' 17.7672" N, 74° 13' 46.8156" W

I went for a ride,
A ride called "Suicide"

Full of blood, pain, and hurt,
I treated myself like dirt.
Not caring about how I looked,
Or even reading my favorite book.

But one night, I had a scheme,
To put myself out of my misery.
But I slept instead, I was so weary.
I had a dream.

That dream, was so strange,
I was walking down a lane.
Lying on the ground, was a gun.
"Well, this will be fun."

I picked it up and looked in wonder.
It was perfect, I wouldn't make a blunder.
I put the cool barrel to my head,
Pulled the trigger that declared myself dead.

The pleasure, it was like smoking a cigarette,
Something that I would never regret.
"This is it, The End," I said
But the dream didn't end yet.

Up and up my spirit rose,
Till I got to God's throne.
"You are young," he said, "But your time has come."
"Your life on this earth is done."

Then the heavenly gates had opened.
"But w-wait!" I had spoken.
"I'm not ready to go!"
"My life means so much more!"

I looked at Him, and he smiled,
"You have made a good decision, child."
Finally, I had awaken,
I was crying and shaking.

But I didn't feel so blue.
For I knew that dream must be true.
God didn't want me up there,
He wanted me down here.

And now I walk down the road of life,
Trying hard to make it right.


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