Bulit On A Lie


Bulit up on a lie so how would 

you expect us to survive ?!

Clenched with chains like 

a beast who can not be tamed 

Not knowing that we where the

First to be crowned king 

money makes the world go round 

that's their theme to take 

a race and separate 

discrimmanate and dominate 

closing gateways for my people 

and we still not EQUAL

I expected 40 acres and

a mule I couldn't even

get full off what they left

me hungry and empty filled

with envy I couldn't even get

a pennine! So I write so

I Won't retalate on the

Race that dominates

stuck inside metal

gates still trying to escape

they call us black baboons

and apes trying to

confuse the youth

and not give them the truth

they hide the proof like

camoflauge and still

my people can't even

get a day job!

                                                                                            Shales Steele

                                                                                           Hawthrone Ca,  90250




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