The Builders

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 22:16 -- aaisha

Bombs go off in the distance

Buildings gone in an instance

Televised to millions

The world watches in silence


Now the children are dying

And the mothers are crying

Rivers of blood run down the streets

Stains on humanity


Men in suits give eloquent speeches

Unfeeling as the death toll reaches

Four digits and counting

Because this is “necessary”


Determined like a missionary

To sell an idea that’s “visionary”

Of peace through the act of war

Security through the act of destruction


To be good is the simple instruction

Burned in the fire by the seduction

Of self-interest and ego

Severing the bonds of human kinship


With Adam fell Eve

With Eve fell we

Human lives now collateral damage

Side effects of the drug of power and greed


But from the rubble

A hand extends

A bud of hope blooms

Trust placed in the white coats


Hospitals are sanctuaries

From the ugly, the unjust, the scary

A selfless pursuit

The only oath to save all life, any life


A selfless pursuit

With enough compassion to refute

The doom of our conscience

As remnants float in operating rooms


See, doctors are builders

In a destructive world that bewilders

Treating humanity

Not just this group or that


When I turn on the news

And my heart is being bruised

My only consolation is

One day I will be a builder


I will pledge a life to saving

In an effort to start paving

A path of second chances

For those who have none


So if the children keep dying

And the mothers keep crying

Know that bombs can destroy once

But builders can rebuild, again and again


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