We are a nation of “simps” in a world of mad men - unknown


I’m like a bubble,

Levitating round and around

And when I reach the surface,

My soul will burst, all abound


I question my purpose

What is my endgame?

Instead of finding ambition,

I’m stuck in endless dismay


I lust for another opportunity,

To express my real emotions,

To you, the one who walked away,

Despite the odds of rejection,

That’ll happen once again


But I’m a “simp,”

With no talents to share

What the f*ck am I doing?

You don’t even care 


My ego is my enemy

But without, I feel empty

Running in circles all day,

Like bubbles of a bubble bath

What a painless way,

To decay!


I don’t want you to notice,

Or feel all astound,

By my rhetoric “love poem” 

For what goes around,

Must come around


For I’m not the one who deserves

Just one who keeps a watch 

Like the silent observer, above,

That we like to call our “god”


Why am I trying to find intimacy,

Whatever that means

In a world of mad men,

Nothing seems to be probable; just broken dreams


Now I’m waiting for entropy

All the world’s beauty be dilapidated

Just like the way this society,

Makes men feel emasculated


I’m not blaming anyone for my own fault(s),

For my desires caused my suffering

But I am aware of by just being “less than,”

Leads to unwanted self-sabotaging


I don’t fear of dying alone

For what’s better than eternal sleep,

Where no one disturbs or frets (about), 

A lifeless body in peaceful physique


Even after my physical death,

I’m waiting for entropy

To become whole, join the existing non-stop,

With the universe I unwillingly birthed within

Like carbonated bubbles of a soda pop,

That dissipate once its purpose has been redeemed


So I say to you,

What is more glorious than to bear,

The burdens of those who walk in despair,

Of those who mean no good intent

For they do not realize to be of, cattle to spare,

In the upcoming inevitable descent


Like bubbles, we live only once

But ‘til death, we won't realize we’ve met,

The highest form of consciousness,

On Earth,

That can instill life in those negligent,

Of their own self-worth


We walk around wearing invisible masks,

To hide our actual sorrow(s)

But as bubbles do, we tend to accumulate, 

Our deceits until they burst in full wallow


From the remaining authenticity that is left in our heart,

We then realize how much time we actually squander


“Till death do us part!”


-somebody that you used to know

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



If anyone has read my poem, please leave any criticism/opinions/comments. Any feedback would be appreciated (even if it's negative). Thanks. This is also my first poem I ever wrote.

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