The Bruises of Surrender


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Thump thump is all they hear

Behind bruised skin I drown in my tears

I have learned to hide my fear


Eyes closed shut

My children silent in a corner

No one will know for my lips are sealed shut


To whom can I confess or tell

That everyday there is a thump thump

Behind closed doors in which I lay still


My limp and tired body on the floor

I flinch at every gesture he makes

A punch, a slap or a kick and a slam of the door


Pain rushes through my body

Blood rushing through my veins

But everything will remain the same like today


The whip of a belt

The smack of a hand

The blow of a fist


He need not tie my hands for I will never tell

He needs not to cut my tongue for I will never tell

He need not stop for I will never tell


That behind closed doors in sorrow

My blood flows down my checks and

My mouth quivers under his shadow


On my pink skin I bear

The bruises of surrender

But he does not care


He yells with a voice of thunder, feed me

Wash my clothes he demands

Women should never be lazy


My hands are pale my eyes turned purple

But I will never tell

Who would listen to me?


I surrender again

Until tomorrow I wait for the next thump thump to ring

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