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I haven't seen you in awhile.

The one with the blonde hair and blue eyes.
The one who has fire burning inside,
But still the light of my life.

You challenge me to think,

To the times before it all went wrong.
When we played together, hand in hand
And we dreamed of mom and dad.

We had so many plans,
You were suppose to protect me.
From light and dark.

But you were the dark,
And I found myself protecting myself from who you are.

You, my brother, were stuck in a hell.
Going from drug to drug,
Always with a gun in your hand,
And a gang color flashing from your hat.

Running away from the real world,
Because you simply couldn't face your reality.

The doors are slaming,
From the times when you were locked up.
Finally getting what people thought you deserved.

I was one of them.
Hated you for five years,

From childhood unitl the year I turned fifteen.
So much anger I tried to kick aside.

Only to be left with tear stained cheeks,
And broken memories.

You kept trying to build back my trust,
Even though I sometimes look at you like a piece of dust.
Since you're the one who told me to move on,
It's too late for that sorry song.

The past is the past,
Lets move on.

But it's just too much to bury.
Something I just can't do.
Everyone is trying to help me with it to.

I scream out, "You don't understand!"
You're my brother and me your sister.
It's taken me a long time to figure out the truth,
Though everything is too hard to hold.

So dear brother,
Take a stand, be a man,
And catch me for I am falling.

Your life has been so unexpected,
So just take my hand.
Tell me where to land,
With all these pieces of broken glass.

Lets rebuild it together
And maybe we can start to understand
Where our roads started to seperate.

Into a never ending land,
Of hate and fate.
The story of life
At least for us.

I was suppose to stand that day,
With you in a cap and gown
And be proud of how you became a man.
Now, I'll never get the chance.

My camera was suppose to flash,
As you smiled and held her hand,
Whoever she was going to be.
You could have danced the night away,
But you'll never get the chance.

Dribble, pass, shot,
Basketball was suppose to be your life.
You would have been a state champ in my eyes,
But you'll never get the chance to try.

Together we could have changed the world,
One day at a time.
Never looking bak in time.

These days,
All I can think about is the past.
We've both tried so hard.

My mind gets consumed,
With everything.

So prove me wrong,
Before our lives are too far gone.

Nothing will be able to change what has already happened.
I'll work on my hate built up inside.

Each day I'll continue to pray,
For you to continue to stay safe.

Never forget you are loved
And can trust


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