Broken Yet Whole


Twelve years ago in May,
My parents decided 
in court one day,
To break their bond of marriage
I was too young 
to really understand. 
I couldn't do much anyway
Four year olds can't say much to save the day. 
So then I had two residences--one true,
the other, just came out of the blue
The new one was a decent house
but never a true home
My mother made me move many times
She met a man and decided to be his wife
We moved from here, to there, which felt like everywhere
Four houses with her, four houses not my own
My stepfather treats me
like I'm not even there
My half-brother always greets me
with a devilish glare
They smile and say, "Glad you're here"
But the truth of it all,
Is that it's torture
being so near
One day last year I decided 'Enough is enough!'
So I told my mother, "I'm packing up my stuff"
She didn't care much, but why should she?
She's a narcissist in kind girls' clothing
Now I live with my father
and it's such a relief
to be able to smile and say what I'm feeling
It's not easy 
having two separate lives
But the one with my mother
Is slowly saying goodbye 


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