Broken Wishes

Tue, 12/03/2013 - 20:03 -- 14hoska

There once was a summer.

A summer full of sun and delight

A summer with a boy.

A boy with great might.

I fell in love with him, that boy.

His touch reminded me of peppermint. Tingly.

His voice reminded me of the soft leaves falling. Dreamy.

His palms perfectedly fit into mine. Freely.

However, his mind was full of imagination.

A mind with ideas of wonderful temptation.

He loved to whisper in my ear...

Until his hopes soon decided to disappear.

We then grew apart,

From what seemed like everything.

And what I thought what was going to be forever,

Turned to never.

Because that boy, that I thought was right?

Was wrong.

And that boy,

Didn't do anything wrong.


That boy,

Did not understand.

That is why he is still... not a man.

And as I sit here dreaming about the past

And not looking at the future.

I realize that it was all a hoax

Of broken wishes.




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