broken soul

Alone in a room

a broken girl lays.

Eyes once so brown

now have gone grey.

In the flesh of her arm

is a quote scarred in ink.

It reads, "Don't follow others 

if they contrast your beliefs."

She trusted in this quote 

as much as on could.

Yet to follow it always

is not something she would.

All those around her 

demanding too much. 

Placing her expectations 

higher than she can touch.

She tries so hard to keep

legitimate smiles all around.

Though all the while she didn't see

that she was sinking into the ground.

Her soul has given up

and her body grown tired.

All that she wants now

is to find somewhere higher. 

Her fingers twitch nervously

as she grasps pills in her hand.

In her crazy world, 

They're all she understands. 

One after another 

like a candy to a child.

She relaxes her body

as her mind goes wild.

Silently she remains

curled upon her bed.

But in the morning hours

who will find her to be dead? 

No one for she is gone

lost deep in her own thoughts.

Neither death or life are here

for either she is not. 

She is trapped in the words

that flow from her hand.

As she releases her mind 

and thoughts she cannot stand. 

Away she pours her soul

for all the world to see. 

In a writing so pure

and absolutely free.





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