Broken Silence


I sacrificed my tongue in order to resurrect their silence;

I replenished their lips in order to bring fourth buried words

Experiences tainted into traumas;

Their minds were too young to comprehend the transitions from benevolent to barely old;

Gray hairs before its time bestowed;

Adult minds, but still their thoughts are owned

Where were you to tell them no?  pause

Reality television are deemed guardians,

Ipods repeat lectures of fancy cars and diamond thangs,

Foreplay before gold rings, and low self- esteem for a nice shape

Where were you, to tell them so?


She looked into the mirror afraid to dive into those eyes;

Drowning in her own tears, fueled by a lack of self- worth,

She aspired to be something she wasn’t meant to be

When I saw beauty in her grace, he wasn’t too concerned with her name;

Where I laid down books and dark skinned role models,

Her frienemies diverted her mind… back to time

Of being gassed up just so they can laugh it up!


Hmm (chuckles) my poor child… have I failed you? pause

So to commemorate her silence… small pause

I’ll hold unto my words and scribble it on safe paper;

Print a thousand pieces and spread it out to the universe, For all deities and humans alike… pause

Replenish every child’s lips in order to bring forward buried thoughts;

No more experiences turned to traumas

Their minds are too young to comprehend the transition from benevolent to barely old,

Gray hairs before its time bestowed


But where the hell were we… to tell them no


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