Broken Rose


you cradled my round head to your strong chest 

when I was new to the game of life

you wiped fat tears from my cheeks

when I was in the same boat of emotion

as Picasso and his blue phase


you sang songs I can never forget

the words fly through my mind at warp speed

like tragic, distant lullabies

setting sail into the setting sun

I hope they catch on fire


you tore the seams from my favorite dolls

told me you were going to give them to me for Christmas

but then you put the price tags back on 

returned them to the department store late one night

 I had to find out through the grape vine


you broke my beautiful rose colored glasses

remnants still linger on the ground

I tripped over a particularly sharp piece the other day

and it made me cry like an infant fresh from the womb

but you weren't there to dry my cheeks


what if you grow grayer and less dimensional 

as time slowly cranks on by

what if I never see you again, what if I never really know you again

because you stomped on any sparks that were vague promises of flames

your lies made you go up in smoke


my worst fear is that I won't really meet you again

I won't find safe common ground with you

but the fearsome part is--

what if I am happier without all the baggage you bring to the table--

what if I am better off without you?





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