Broken pieces

I wish there was an off button for the things I think and feel. 

A way to hide my broken pieces, and the scraps until they heal.

My head is constant chaos; I worry about all the wrong things. 

Just wish I could shut it out and all the pain it brings.

I’m at that point in life where I have to relearn who I am...

Just want to get back to that girl I once was that didn’t give a damn.

Wish I never let my guard down, allowed the crazy in. 

Let pretenders fool me for so long it’s a game I never win.

I know how the game works, but it’s one I don’t want to play.

Wouldn’t want to cause another this much confusion everyday. 

One second I am happy & wonder how anything could go wrong.

Then somewhere in this messed up head it becomes a different song! 

I knew that guy was trouble from the minute I heard his name.

I gave up myself, my friends, my house & job was left with only shame. 

So why do I find myself constantly giving others the power...

I just leave what’s left of my heart on my sleeve for people to devour.

If I could turn these feelings off, I would in a heartbeat. 

Afraid I’ll scare a good one off with my constant cycle of self defeat.

What happened to that part of me that could smile through the pain. 

At this point it’s all self inflicted wounds, I’m driving myself insane. 

It’s hard to tell how people feel these days.

Many are just there for a good time and playing stupid games.

I know I can do better, I’ve just got to try.

Because if I don’t get it together I fear the worst; to hear the word goodbye.

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