A Broken Person


You think you’re finding yourself

when all you’re doing is losing yourself

you claimed you’ve experienced pain

if you lied all your life,you’re waiting in the rain

like a wild animal, you can’t be tamed

You preach on how everyone’s a sinner

but have you forced upon yourself the ultimate sin

they say everyone makes mistakes

but how many is too much

that one thing you were dared to touch

Changing so much you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror

changing into something resembling terror

you think it will last an era

you were right for once

it did last forever

You were hurt,you hit a vein

it was familiar,it was the same

you said you were ashamed of the gain

reflecting on life it was all taken in vain

it went back to crying in the rain

this time it was real, you really felt pain

Everything’s so near

but yet, never here

doors can close quicker then they open

life is an experience

and everything becomes broken

This poem is about: 
Our world


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