Broken Home (If You Really Knew Me)

Background: I wrote this during a time where I was hurt, confused and lost. Each stanza just came to me. It wasn’t until I finish writing and read over it that I know what I was writing about. I feel as if God put me in the position where I was lost and hurt so I could write my life out on paper. 


I live in a broken home

Six kids, same mom, different daddies

I belong with the four that belong to him

She belongs to him & she belongs to him,

Six belong to her

Three daddies in total

A mother in all


I live in a broken home

Badly beaten as a child

Left unknown too many

Bounced from house to house

Problems here & there

Then people in uniform intervene

No more mother

Just a father & four sisters

Five people who don’t speak or say much to each other

Locked up in our rooms

It’s like living with ghost


I live in a broken home

Curious about his preference

Wondering if he has been like this even while he married your mother

Could it be why I live in a broken home?


I live in a broken home

She did the unthinkable, she did the unforgivable


How can I trust her after all of that?

The one who birth me

At times I sometimes believe that I do,

Until trust is gone once again

In a broken home where her man is before her kids & family

Niggas over us all the time

Why him & not us?


I live in a broken home

Where I’m the odd one out most of the time,

Always forgotten,

The one who may never amount to nothing

The one who been manipulated, used, walked upon

Isolated from everyone

The one still searching for ANY form of love

From the ones that are supposed to love her

& from those that don’t even known her


I live in a broken home

Where she is pretty, but thinks less of herself

Where she has big dreams but no hope

Because she’s bounded by fear

The wall she has built blocks the heart that they can’t see,

The one that no one thinks she has


I live in a broken home

Where she is beautiful & known by many

But she is……..

The one with a snake as a tongue

Venomous words is her drug of choice


I live in a broken home

Where they see her as lazy

She knows more, understands more than they do

Probably most affected through it all

The one that stays in prayer

The one that covers our family

Without her this broken home would have fallen a long time ago


I live in a broken home.


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