a broken home and a broken kid

  My momma left me she hurt me real bad she told shane that he was my dad, 14 years ago

 i could of been left in the cold winter snow but instead i lived and i met my real dad 

 and yes it was sad ,cause i didnt understand, know i see why my momma didnt want him 

 to take care of me ,cause we the same person . Yes i undertand what she did was 

 wrong and when i was little so much happend i cant explain. My dad wont understand 

what happend to me he cant understand it never happend to him so why would he understand.

My family think life is so perfect but its not cause they dont even undersand the little things

that hurt me ,they dont notice when im depressed , they didnt notice when i had cuts up my wrist 

somebody i dont even know snitched yes  and then  my counslor call my family and then noticed . They yell at me for the sillest things.

like not cleaning room or not getting grades,like you want me  to get good grades but then  you  make me watch ur kids.

yes im oldest now  but its not my fault ,do you think i like getting picked on bye all family no idont

and do you think i like being   dumb do you think i like getting bad grades no i dont ... ps thank you for letting me get this off my cheast...


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My family
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