Broken Home

I always blamed myself for this broken home. 

I use to sit and cry when I was all alone. 

Momma dropped me off with daddy one day,

she told me I couldnt leave and I would always have to stay. 

How do broken homes even start? 

Do they not understand the breaking of my heart. 

Too many familys are all broken up. 

But we are all worried about what's in our cup. 

We're too worried about the parties and who is gonna like us, 

But at the end of the day daddy leaves and nobody makes a fuss 

Every other weekened I'm here and im there,

Moving from mommies house to daddies house was never really fair. 

They said they didn't love each other anymore, but somehow i didn't believe it 

They said they loved us but I wasn't in the spirit. 

This broken home was too much for me 

If only you could see it



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