Broken Hearted

Broken Hearted:

By: Isabelle M. Diaz

Thinking about you with tears streaming down my face

I remember you used to tell me I couldn't be replaced

So what happened did something change?

Last few weeks have felt so strange


I remember when you used to tell me I was the one

Your girl that was like no other and your heart I had won

But she had your heart all along

And to think I had did something wrong


Memories of us flood my head

But at the end , she was in your bed

I hope you’re happy now, happier than before

I only wished you had loved me more


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This poem is for everyone who has been hurt by someone else. The overall concept is to realize that sometimes people don't love you back and it hurts. But self love is the one thing that will always be there and it is beautiful once you realize it. 

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