Broken Glass

I never knew what it was like to feel so broken 

you couldnt get out of bed because you didnt want to face the world

But after years

Of having the weight of the world on my soul

I finally understand what that feels like,

What it feels like to be the scum beneath your fingernails

because thats all I ever was to you was the scum beneath you fingernails.

And you threw me away like yesterdays trash but

believe me I am more than just the

broken glass

you kicked around on the sidewalk on the way back from

her house

I am the beautiful glass in the windows of a Church and

although I am stained and I am fragile 

I will bring color into someones life,

somone who sees me as more than a bandaid, only there

to heal the wounds created by life but 

as soon as the wounds are gone

so am I.

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