The Broken Familiy's tale

Haley Moore


The Broken Family’s Tale


Once you picked up that bottle, it was hard for you to set it down,

It took away the pain; all your problems seemed to drown.

You had a family, and a very supportive wife,

This habit was stronger than you, who knew it would soon take your life.

We looked up to you each day, as we watched you stumble in,

Mom tried to hide the pain, but proof showed on her skin.

No one was ever happy, and you were never the same,

Your temper became short; it was like touching a flame.

I sat on top of the stairs each night, to make sure everything was okay,

I didn’t like this anymore, I wanted the old you to stay.

We use to have so much fun, and laugh all the time,

Now something new took over your body, and it looked like such a crime.

Your words began to slur, you swayed side to side,

Every night my mom was stressed, as I over heard her while she cried.

I was only little, I thought but I had no clue,

What your days were like, what you were going through.

You were an amazing father, and you always worked so hard,

As you began this habit, you let down your guard.

As you began to realize what this was doing to you,

I saw you getting better, instead of all week, it was only a few.

You no longer needed it, but you needed us,

I no longer heard mom crying, or heard you even cuss.

The doctor told you not to drink with the medicine he gave you,

It was supposed to make you not want it; we thought you would stay true.

The weeks flew by, and the summer was gone,

We picked up the broking pieces, and I thought you had moved on.

It was a long day at school for me, and I was ready for it to end,

As I had no idea when I came home, my heart would have to fend.

I was in the fifth grade, just a little girl,

My life was turned upside, and I was in a whirl.

My mom had been crying, for what looked like all day,

She grabbed my brothers and me, and the tears no longer stayed away.

She held us tight and tried to speak, but she was short of breath,

As she choked on her words, and explained to us your death.

My body was tense, and my heart fell out of place,

I waited by the phone all night for a mistake, just in case.

I was 10 years old on that day of October,

My life as I knew it, felt like it was over.

I was your little girl, and you were my dad,

How could I live with all the memories we had?

I thought about my future, and how I’d be without you,

I couldn’t take the pain of losing you; it’d be the hardest thing I knew.

It never once became more easy, you still cross my mind,

Nothing about you or us will I ever leave behind.

You won’t be there to watch me graduate, nor as I walk down the isle,

But when that day comes I know you will be by my side with a smile.

Now you are my Angel, so spread your wings out wide,
I’ll always be your little girl with full faith and pride.

I learned so much from you as I was growing up,

You taught me how to bait a hook, and even how to hunt.

I never thought it’d be you God took, and I still don’t understand,

How my daddy isn’t here to wipe my tears, or even hold my hand.

It was very hard to watch you, as you went away,

But a special place in my heart, were you will always stay.

I know you watch over me, and I hope I make you proud,

I’m taking care of momma and my brothers just like I always vowed.

I know I’ll see you again one day, and I honestly don’t know what I’ll say,

Every time I think of you, I’m lost for words, I’m in a daze.

Our time together was memorable and God took you way too fast,

But the most precious thing to me was you being there for my first breath, and me being there for your last.

The moral of my poem today, is very understood,

I’d bring you back in a heartbeat, only if I could.

Treat everyday like it’s your last, and cherish moments tight,

You never know when you see someone, if that’ll be the last time they’re in your sight. 

You never know how much you need someone, until they’re gone for good,

I’d take back every fight, tear, and hurt, I promise you I would.

I hope you’re doing well up there, I’m sure you’re hunting everyday,

Here are some words and thoughts I never had the courage to say.

You are my world, and my sky, I think about you all the time,

There is nothing you couldn’t do, no mountain you couldn’t climb.

The drinking got the best of you, and took you away from me,

You didn’t realize all the changes that every one else could see.

And even though I’ll soon be 18,

I’ll never forget you or your actions, because you’re still leading me.

You’re in our hearts forever, and everything we’ve been through,

But don’t ever forget how much this effects me, or how much I miss you.

All this has made me who I am; it’s made me very strong,

Now I know your mistakes, and just where you went wrong.

You didn’t deserve to leave, though you weren’t doing right,

I still can hear your voice, and see that smile shining bright.

After everything I’ve said today, I want you to know that I love you,

Though you aren’t here today, I’ll see you in a few.

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