Broken Faith

Life is an enigma,

That can’t be understood,

Too many pieces lost in time,

Like puzzle pieces scattered in the air,


Emotions running high,

The tears begin to fall,

Hurt, anger, guilt, disappointment,

So sick of the repeated cycle,


You’re worthless,

You’re nothing,

All you know is playing around,




And the cycle keeps on running,


An arrow to the heart,

A dagger in the back,

Poison tainting blood,


Running running,

That’s really all you know,

Trying to escape a fate,

Sealed in stone so long ago,


Then it happens once more,

But this time from someone unexpected,

And you just break a little more,

Your heart hardens once more,

Your soul sold to the devil again,

It’s almost a game then,


And the load never stops,


And you haven’t got a clue when it’ll end,

Maybe when it does,

You’ll be in the ground,

Six feet under,



Stains your vision,

Anger is the only thing left in place,


Blackens your thoughts,

There is nothing left to see,


And so,


You put on a false bravo,

Hoping no one notices,

But funny enough,

The only one you’re truly trying to fool,

Is yourself



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