Broken Elevator




            Colorado. That is my last name. It is the immutable link to my Colombian heritage that follows me everywhere I go. This link attaches me to the so called label “minority” that composes 15% of the American population, and is increasing as we speak. Unfortunately, although the Hispanic people are the highest growing population, their graduation rates are at the bottom. However, there is a solution.

I am asking for an opportunity so I can hone my leadership skills and pave the way for Latinos everywhere. I am well qualified because I have been an active part of my community through volunteer services, I have excelled in challenging academic courses, and I can easily connect to the Hispanic community. In addition, as an editor of my school newspaper, I have dedicated myself to achieving a high standard of writing: I objectively inform the public while preserving relevance and newsworthiness. I can accomplish my goals by capturing Texans through my informative editorial writing and unveil the truth behind Latino politics, education, and treatment. I want to be able to network and be mentored  by people that share my interests and passion for journalism. With connections and mentoring opportunities I hope to strengthen my skills as a journalist and have the ability to truly “subir” and rise above the standard, and ultimately create a higher one for Latinos in Texas.

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