Broken Cycle


United States
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Life is a roller coaster that we all can't shake. It's hard to forget what we've been through, but I guess it's true what myths says, "You got to let go of what is not yours, and if its meant to be, it'll come back to you". None the less, life still sucks. Happiness fill the air as my heart searches for it! I can't say I'm not, but my heart hurts. As I think of my past, everyone who was a figure is now my imagination that seems to ever exist. I can't apologize or blame for what was spoken or yet blown out out proportion, but I know life goes on. I'm making a path for myself and the seeds I once held. Now walking life with me, I want to show them that, even when your down, it doesn't matter who was once there, it's the ones who were there when you had hit rocked bottom and offered a hand and never took you for granted. I been through it, seen it first hand, broke the cycle of what you call a Broken Family.

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