A Broken Culture


Speak Your Mind Slam

Why should I have to look over my shoulder?

Living my life on edge, in fear

Can’t even walk down the street without stares, men hootin and hollerin

Am I not human? Do I not deserve the same respect as everyone else?

Or has this culture pacified your behavior for far too long?

Rape cultures been passed down for generations, it is just the norm now

Blame us, blame the women

“Oh her pants were tight, her skirt was too short, we have urges”

How about you control yourself and act with some decency

I am not here for your enjoyment, for your pleasure

I am here for me

Why should I be threatened?

Does your physical strength outweigh my rights as a human, as a women, as the giver of life

You put your hands on me

Now I am bruised, face black and blue

Oh but men have tempers right? We shouldn’t provoke you right?

See these prevalent attitudes regarding the culture of women in society are far too common

And I will no longer be a slave to your urges

I will not stand for it any longer

Don’t blame me! Don’t objectify me!

Why should I be treated as anything but a Queen?


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