The Broken and Mended Wings

                                She is a brick house standing so strong 

                         Her thoughts are the chairs where her mind will sit

                             She is attacked by the ugly creature with hate

                             The creature who clawed the smile from her

                           The smile that would spread her wings very far

                           The wings that allowed her to fly to her dreams

                     Though the smile was thoughtlessly robbed form her face

                             The needles that stung her, one insult by one

                              Slowly her face is a ground soaked in tears

                             She lays on her bed, a cloud of coiled springs

                             Her wings shriveled up and unable to spread

                           The voice comforting her as he tells her the right

                    And shakes the wrong thoughts from her mind, now a cliff

                         The evil thoughts falling from her mind and smile

                          And the tears now stain her pastel skirt and shirt

                            But her face is a dry desert caked in red marks

                           That will show the others the harm that was done

                           And the comforting man is now loving her soul

                         She will spread her wings again and fly to the sky

                       There is no one who will knock her down on her back

                         He gave her the courage to conquer the creature

                           Who is suffering instead of ripping her soul


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