The Broken

they’ll be quiet and seem half asleep.

only because they are afraid to speak.

They know more than you and me.

You judge them because you don’t understand the fight.

The fight, that not even i, could survive.

each night they stay awake and cry, but their daily smiles convince you they are fine.

it’s an internal fight, that is killing them inside.

your cruel laughter and judgement only hurts them more.

and you know it too but choose to constantly ignore.

each day their eyes are focused on the floor,

they always the first or last ones out the door.

long ago,

when they were probably just 4 years old,

they never knew people could be so cold.

“i love you” from the people around them was constantly what they were told.

they never had a clue what the future would hold.

when you are hurting look at them,

remember how you weren’t exactly their friend,

and now that their pain won’t end,

you’ll do anything to make ammends.

too late, they don’t need no friends.

and each day you hope that it ends just know that they feel that way each day.

and for them this for years had been a sad reality that they have lived to face.

They are broken, and who takes the blame? not you but that “friend” a long time ago you’ve made.

who has felt no joy but manages to somehow get through the days

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