How do I go on ?
What road am I on ?
See I thought I had it together
Nice smile,banging body, and a personality that just pulls you in.
Yeah I though I had it together .
See I went to school , got an eduation just to hear the words" your just not worth it ."
Hear me out ! I said I went to school just to hear those words roll off his tongue "your too driven, check me when your ready to have fun like the other couples."
I thought that's what guys liked a beautiful girl you can take home to mommy . Or a girl strong enough to stand up for you the days you felt like you can't even stand on your own .
I'm not playing with your mind , I dnt even want to make you cry. But why ?
Why take my already broken heart and throw it ?
Now I'm dancing in the wind not sure how to grab on to the breaks of life .
But why ?
I stood for you , clapped for you ,flew miles for you .
The world knew it ! I was crazy about you .
I poured out to you . Although I had been burned before I pushed those feelings aside and allowed you to meet that innocent girl you fell in love with in middle school .
But why ? I said it a thousand times .
Why throw away what we built just for a little satisfaction?
Why throw away what we built just because of pride?
Why throw away what we built just because of fear?
Forget the world and the bag of lies it has to offer .
This world does not mean us any good it doesnt even care if me and you are happy or sad . But no you made it dictate our future .
Your out there on a limb screaming calling and the world is not even answering you back . See I told you this world cares nothing about you .
A shoulder to cry on, an uplifting word or even a women praying for you at nights .
Your friends dnt know that "the world " does not know that .
But you pushed me aside and have her in your new ride just to hurt me.
But why ? Why you want to take my sweet smile thats all I really have .
That's like going to court and standing on the stands pleading with the judge just to let me have that.
I was scared thinking that I wouldn't be able to smile.
But look at me take a good look at me I've gained my self worth and my determination back
World look at me I am a ray of sunshine in this storm called life .
World look at me I won't die with the cemetery getting rich from my dreams and aspirations I am here to make my mark .
I thought I was broken beyond repair . But broken to be repaired .

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