Mon, 05/04/2015 - 22:23 -- Aegis

I wasn't always this way...

I used to be smart. 
So I would try to read everyday,
 Maybe it was bad to learn like that,
  A book holds such independent ideas,
   Right when I learned how to think,
    That's when I thought I was dumb.
I used to be good.
Great things were expected from me,
 Ordinary kids didn't understand me,
  Or maybe they just tried to pollute me,
   Doesn't matter why, but that's what they did.
I used to dream .
Dad said I had lots of potential,
 Rain couldn't cloud the sun of my future,
  Except it wasn't just rain that did it,
   A great rain did it, a hurricane from the ocean,
    My worth washed away, my hope swallowed whole.
I used to be loved.
Love was what I could exude,
 Only an idiot wouldn't come to me for help,
  Very rarely was I ever hated by a friend,
   Every friend I had accepted and wanted me,
    Death couldn't take it away, but I did. 
I used to work.
Why didn't I want to keep things how they were,
 Only a fool would go for anything less than I,
  Ridiculously foolish fools might dare to,
   Kingdoms functioned less than I,

But now I'm broken. 



I love this poem please read some of my work and comment specifically the one called in my home

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