Broke Free

Restrained by society’s chains,

I’m dying to break free of its suffocating shame.

Shy, meek, and weak is all I see,

And big, bad, and beautiful is what I dream.

“Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top” is what they sing

Yet we all see the truth beneath their diamond rings.

Looking at the mirror I can’t help but say damn,

Why can’t I too look like Michelle Pham?


What’s my mask you ask?

What a simple question I say.

“It’s you, you, and you.”

I strive for your so called “perfection”

Yet I’m limited by my own true reflection.


Now I’ve grown older, I see the chains.

And I’m no longer ashamed to be labeled as the “brains.”

I’m breaking free, free from society’s ideals

And now I shall go and make myself a truly satisfying meal.

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