I am just a girl, 

But give me a chance.

Let me live in a world, 

Filled with song and dance. 

Let me soar with the eagles, 

Let me run through the trees, 

Let me embrace the beauty of all I can be. 


I am just a girl, still, 

My heart and my mind you cannot alter.

I am a gentle ripple in the living water, 

I am a precious gift,

I am your mother and daughter. 

I am the guardian of your brother and father. 


I am just a girl, 

But just you wait, 

For time is not consumed by the worries of fate, 

And I am not doomed to be controlled by your hate.

I will rise soon, like the sun at daybreak. 

I will move like the moon, I will thrive in your wake.

Don't give up on me, it's never too late,

Don't walk away, don't make another mistake, 

The future of my world is at stake. 




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