A Brief Summary of My Academic Experience

Kindergarten first day I was late,

Doesn’t play well with others.

First grade Mother’s Day,

I can’t read,

Maybe I should be held back,

Second grade, JK—

Rowling lit a light inside,

Third grade, I made—

A friend that I still have

Fourth grade, Charles Dickens,

Please pay attention in class,

I’ll take that book away from you!

Fifth grade, the first to grow,

The starts of a woman started to show,

Sixth grade, beginning to end,

Was spent writing a book that,

I’ll never see the end of.

Seventh grade, the first day of H—

Ello Mrs. Whatsit, why should I,

Write an acrostic?

Eighth grade, I don’t care,

I’ll wear eyeliner; I’ll dye my hair,

Ninth grade is all a blur,

There’s a move, a farm, a dying heart,

And I’m the only one to notice

She’ll only drag us down.

Tenth grade, I’m really trying,

But I was right and down we went,

Broken bottles and screeched words,

Quotes of the day to make it fade,

Eleventh grade, my junior year,

My breaking point, my laissez faire!

I didn’t care, I couldn’t care,

Twelfth grade, I saved myself,

Trekked half a thousand miles,

To find myself,

As far away as I could get.

Required school is coming to a close

I don’t remember convex or concave

I don’t remember much about biology

But I learned to laugh when things

Were darker than I’d care to admit

And I’m still laughing even though

I’m not winning yet.

Twelfth grade, like a dream

Floating through the air

College Freshman dumped at the dorm

Alone save her phone and new friends

Tucked in a corner of the world

I can do anything except for everything

I hope it gets better than this.

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wow. This is amazing! Loved the flow of it, wonderful job

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