Bridge The Distance

You're far away. We're miles apart.

Yet, even so, you still have my heart.

You're the one that I dream of, late at night.

Even though you're not here with me, this just feels right.

Late night phone calls, text messages out of the blue.

All of these are wonderful, but I'd rather just be with you.

Our friends think we're crazy, possibly insane.

That the loniness will cause too much pain.

Sometimes I wonder, too, if this will be the case.

"Is it too hard to love someone while not in the same place?"

But everytime I see your name, when I hear your voice,

I can't help the but feel nothing but rejoice.

Though this isn't easy, and at times, I feel hopeless,

I realize what we have could be ageless.

Nothing great comes easy. 

Maybe we were just meant to be.

So I'll wait until the day when I'll be in your arms,

Finally, I'll be able to enjoy you and all of your charms.

Until that day comes, I'll be here,

Bridging the distance.


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