...(I needa) Free my Mind, Find Some Time, (And) Take a Breath of Fresh Air, (A Space) Away from this Place, (And) Nothing to Follow Me There.
(I Keep) In Mind, Day and Night - Those Conversations We've had, You've Raised your Son to a Soldier - With a Mind To Think Like a Man, Although all Time wasnt Easy, I'm Thankful You Never Did Leave Me, (See) All that Game that You've Thought Me - has Kept Me, Solid and Breathing.
I keep my Head Above Water, (While) Im Drowning Down with Depression, (Seen) Every Face, Throughout This Place - Lose All Faith within Sessions.
(I Been) Finding myself Often Reflectin', On Lots of Time that I've Waisted, (Here) Starring Down at This Pavement - Retracing Steps, steady Pacin'.
(I Wonder) When Will Life Get Better, Shedding Tears Throught These Letters, Seeing Time, and it Keeps on Passing - Nothing in Life Will Last Forever.
Im feeling Hopeless, Trying' to Cope with - Everyday im Not With YOU, Im Losing Hope, My life Is Meaningless - (And) Not a Soul I Can Vent To, I Never Meant to Cause This Heartache, and All the Pain that You Went Through....

- time is everything. especially between a parent and a child. just because things dont happen to work out, you should never use a child as a weapon to get back at one another. times precious. i will never be able to see my kid that small again - times priceless. tho i still see my kid and things have only gotten better since those years back, i still hold a hole in my chest with time i feel i lost with time i wont ever get back. I almost lost it (literally almost lost my mind) went a few months wothout talking, hearing, seeing, or even knowing of my son. started talking to his pictures like if he wasnt in this life anymore..really did a number on me mentally. but thank god i kept my trust and faith in God. Just Held on...the only way i could put it is - Holding on to a cliff that doesnt really have a spot for you to stand on when u pull urself back up on top. but ur holding on for that one reason - Hope to be with your kid see him hold him and love him once again...when u feel lost of all hope in life ..JUST HOLD ON.. - Hang In There A Bit Longer...DONT LET GO.


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