The beautiful feeling when you compress your lungs
When you close your eyes and let it flow through you
You stretch out your arms 
You tilt your head back
Your spirit jumps with excitement
You open your eyes and witness the world around you
To everyone else, they see imperfection 
To you, you couldn't imagine anything better
Spring is here. 
The trees are alive while everyone else isn't 
They're drunk on paranoia, while you're embracing your own chaos
By enjoying the beautiful life that mother Earth provided
You close your eyes again and smile
Quietness seeps into your body like a good poison
Listening, you hear the panic of nothingness
Its soundlessness brings you a sense of peace
Memories suddenly flood your brain, filtered with gold
In these memories, you remember your old self
Pride and positivity rule your life for the first time in over a decade
You remember you are valid and worth loving
However, you have your moments
The world's muffled sound suddenly becomes more audible with its distractions
But you remain focused on the goal ahead
You close your eyes again.
You can finally breathe again.
Your life is now at ease.
You remember. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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