The first breath is full of tears and smiles,
Awoken by a beam of light.
It is cherished by many for a lifetime,
Allowing more than million wonderful wisps of air to follow.
Each one precious in the moments of time
Loving, laughing, and living for another breath to come.

A heart working a mile a minute.
Legs pumping endlessly.
The scattered taps on the asphalt
With beads of sweat rolling down bare skin.
Breathing chopped,
Waiting for stillness,
So it can enjoy its time once again.

Cold air with a touch of heat injected in its place.
A small flame desperately trying to stay alight.
The seeds of dandelion ready to leave home.
Chilly or warm
The choice is up to you
But you should always leave that air
To be blown out all at once.

Shaking of hands
With warm cheeks and ears,
To the widening of a grin.
Fears or pleasantries come to life,
When you are met with a dissatisfying environment or a pleasing experience.
The air that breaks
Is rapid of anticipation.
Not knowing that the moment coming
Is packed in the form of a decision,
That may benefit or harm yo well being.


The feeling of warmth encases the body.
Moisture collecting in pieces,
Intertwined hands,
Hot wind blown in every direction,
Heat manifesting where it already exists.
Ragged for more.

The hustle of life gives way
Opening a door to tranquility.
The faint whirr of machinery starts
As a soft jingle greets you with happiness.
Shoes slip off in ease
And prints of tired feet create a path designed for rest.
The jingle follows every step
Waiting for love in return
The whisper of air blends in
Staying calm during the silence

Alarms blare in the distance

Growing closer with each passing second.

Series of knocks being performed in elegance

Strangers stepping in surrounded by somber auras

Retelling tales that shouldn’t be told at all

All that can be felt is moisture around your eyes and a chill through the air

Sobs break out

Only to be paused by a gasp of air.


Time flies

Being ever so unkind, yet merciful

Photos are scattered around you

Every letter is thrashed out in disbelief and anger

Silence is the only thing that can be heard as you sit in a pool of chaos

Seconds pass

A peaceful gust of wind brushes over you

Barely touching the memories that were pulled out

It shares a familiar warmth that rekindles a dying flame

And you heave a sigh of gratitude

Knowing that you can breathe now,

Because of the loving breath they shared with you.

Days dull in delight

Wrinkles more prominent than before
Visits from family become frequent
Tulips colored white for purity
Sit in a cream vase on the nightstand.
Tears stream down your cheeks
Embedded with soft smiles,

Covering the sorrow in the atmosphere,

That occurs upon the remembrance of another breath that took its last.

For the last breath compares to the first,
Though it signifies the end of a happy, warmth that entered the world.
It means that no more breaths can continue,
And no breath will ever be the same.

So breathe and take each breath into consideration.
Treat it with love
And attention.
For a life full of air,
is a life full of beauty.

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