all we ever wanted was to grow up,  all we wanted is what we have now.

all we want is what we've got.

and we've got what we've wanted.

we never took a step back, never for a moment took a look at what we had.

for that we are ignorant.

ignorant for not knowing ignorant for not knowing who we actually are and who we really want to be. everyone told us times flies, that it does. we work our butts off in school to finally be "done" but to do what?

to go back to school?

to be what?

a doctor? a lawyer? an artist?

everyone always tells us what we do is not good enough.

not good enough for ourselves because we always want better.

we do not apreciate what and who we have along side of us.

we don't take a step back. we don't breath, when all we ever wanted was to breath.

All we need is to breath.     , all bu

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Our world


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