What is it I'm trying to say?

As everything goes quiet and you wait for me to speak,

These words lose themselves to this silenced volume abandoning me,

Abandoning me and leaving me with no voice.

A voice that is what I need.


I write these words on paper, because then and only then,

Will they not fly away and escape me.

I need you to hear what I'm trying to say

Because I'm trying to say it and make you hear,

But I fear that you can't, that you can't hear.


This world is so amazing, how do I know?

I know because of Kindness, simply that.

One act of Kindness has opened the door for me.

A door away from this world full of hate and misunderstanding,

But Kindness, she stands silently in this woeful world.


I do not pretend to comprehend Kindness

Both she and this world are too complex

And in this complexity I find neither should exist, but they do.

They do, leaving me perplexed, but that's what I accept

Because that's the world we live in, complex.


This world is so complicated, often I lose sight of what I love

And I love that, the deepness of this world

So deep that in searching for what I love, I forget to breath.

I struggle for the surface to this world for breathe, and when I think I'll die

Kindness, she pulls me out of the deep, she is what I love and keeps me from death.


And that is what I'm trying to say, before these words sail away

Look at it another way, I don't judge the world by its flaws

That's judging half the story, forgetting the kind words

Words that just want to reach out to you, tell you it’s okay

You’re struggling in the deep, this poem is Kindness

Kindness reaching out to you, telling you to breath.


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