these two things on my chest

that make me targets for jokes and slut shaming

'damn she must get around'

'you know they're fake'

and how many hands would it take

given to this body to feed my young

give them nourishment and grow them strong

but their rightful use is distasteful and rude

while a model's standing bare overhead

maybe our views are skewed

for its not lewd to be nude

but its rude to be viewed

while you're feeding your child

I buy bras to hold them like bars on chest

there’s no rest for the breasts

while they're squeezed and their pressed

into the confines of our society

fifty dollars for fabric but we have to have it

or else we're offensive to the lustful sensations

that carry them like pornography

they're used for sex

and we're used for chests

a show for the population

a nation of nipples and asinine traditions

that tell us our aureola’s must shrink

and be pink

the stretch marks are scars

not natural, just mars

to a perfectly good set of tits

they'll say 'some women would die for 'em'

but I might die for them

they bud and they grow

some reach for a touch of us

but I feel and I pray

please don't be cancerous


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