Breaking free

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 15:57 -- bmtnz17


Behind a shadow 

Filled of doubt and dispair 

Not knowing how to fight it off 

Struggling to break free;

Yet always failing 

To be again succumbed in to darkness.


Yet one encountered change my will at last.

The faith in a strong, powerful voice who reigned over me

Filled my soul.


Raising my hands in to air,

Trying reach the unattainable,

Shutting my eyes tight, 

Praying with all I had

The tears bursting in rivers out of my eyes. 

All around me yells and sobs overwhelmed me. 


The noise got horendously loud. 

My ears felt as they were going to erupt,

But then silence swoop down and silenced the sounds.

The tears stopped coming.

My body felt alive, refreshed.

I opened my eyes as the tears glittered on my eyelashes.


I let out a sigh. 

I felt at ease.

Peace over came my body. 

I felt weightless.

I felt free.

At last I was free.



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